Save Rohingya

Who Will Save Rohingya?

The massacre of ethnic Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar (Burma) conducted by Buddhist with the support of the Myanmar military. A fact which can not be ruled out although there are some photos of the hoax spread.

“The photographs (hoax) is not a reason to reject the massacre. Because there are facts showing the existence of the extermination and expulsion,” said the observers of international relations, Farid Wadjdi to

Rohingya Tragedy

Meanwhile Nasmiya Bokova, journalist and deputy chief editor of the magazine published Muslimanka Bosnia, criticizing the attitude of the United States and Western countries that do not react in a matter of Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslim massacre. Bokova estimate some of the reasons why Western countries who claim that human rights campaigners chose silence alone.

“Why the United States immediately reacted to the arrest or injury of a number of people in one of the third world countries. However, the U.S. did not show any reaction to the tragedy in Myanmar?” he said. “That’s because the West and the United States, a grudge against Muslims.”

Bokova stated this in an interview with IRNA in Moscow, Russia, on Saturday (28/7) local time. In addition to revenge, the U.S. and Western countries kept silent about the massacre in the Muslim Rohingya political because in order to roll out Islamophobia.

Who Will Save Rohingya?

Rohingya case is a case of how reflection when Muslims living under Islamic regimes in addition to suffering from Islamophobia (mental illness who hate Islam). In the West, led by Christians, they also considered implementing a policy of Islamophobia. So also in India is also growing Islamophobia in Hindu regime.

“The government of Myanmar Buddhist reflection of Islamophobia.

Save Rohingya

Al Fatihah for my brother Ethnic Rohingya. In this holy month may God’s blessing over your head, to protect you. Insya Allah.


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Smart Phone for Smart Business

Smartphone for Smart Business

Smart Phone for Smart Business

Smartphones have now become the gadget that penetrated every corner of the building: whether at the mall, at the office meeting room, or in crowded markets. It can be shaped gadget Blackberry smartphone, Android-based phone, iPhone or Nokia Lumia (hello, where are you Nokia).

Unfortunately, quite a sophisticated gadget that is more widely used for basic communication tool: just check the SMS, BBM’s, FB access, or browsing the news online.

In fact, the mobile phone that has tremendous potential to be used as a powerful productivity tool. Yes, the smartphone that every time hanging out in your pocket it may play an important role to develop your productivity.

Smartphone and mobile phone penetration is fantastic. In the next five years will be more people to access the internet via mobile phone than a PC, laptop or tablet. Its tiny and portable gadgets that might make has become an important part of your daily life (can you imagine somewehere That you go without your BB).

Smartphone revolution that may be triggered by increasing its cool software is the gadget’s brains. IPhone and Android here has been a pioneer.

Through the Apple Store or the Android Marketplace, the gadget can download a variety of applications that are oh, so amazing.

Applications that can include gaming, digital map applications, work planner, business simulation, and on and on. (Since the average price per application is only 20 to an 50-thousand dollars, then I am more often fetching a paid version, rather than the free ones. Because cheap in my opinion).

Well, actually that’s exactly the point of the stored potential of a smartphone – which should be recognized by the managers of HR and IT managers in many companies.

The other day I saw a demo of the iPhone as a business tool in the company of GE (General Electric). In this company, each manager was provided with an iPhone. But that’s not special. The cool thing is: their IT team has designed a variety of applications internally, and then “embed” a variety of applications that every iPhone adalam they share.

Application that looks amazing: with just one touch, the managers were able to access a variety of graphics performance and business performance management dashboards that are interactive and informative.

We hope that such trends can be captured and executed by the management of HR and IT in the country. We imagine them doing a variety of collaboration for developing your application is smart: can an application to monitor business performance, the application can download the slides for a powerful presentation, or it could simply apply for a permit application for leave.

Imagine, you can permit leave with just the click-click your BB (good-bye to the old school paper form). Or you can check the sales charts in your office with a touch screen on your Android. Or while waiting for the “Bedug Maghrib”, you can read a summary of the application book your HP.

Again, now gadgets such as Blackberry and Android has really mushroomed. What a terrible beauty, if the management company could see it as a media gadget to improve the productivity of their employees. Not by conventional means such as over the years.

But it must be a way more cool: that they are internally developing your range of powerful software applications in any of their employees gadget.

Of course it would be great if the company is also distributing a uniform gadget: BlackBerry Bold for example give a new series to each employee to the supervisor level. Certainly in it already comes with a variety of applications relevant to their business.

Unfortunately, many IT managers and human resources in this country are NOT CREATIVE. Variety of reasons why they would otherwise appear on the idea is just an illusion.

Not. Not an illusion. If the HR manager and IT manager in your company is INNOVATIVE PEOPLE, the above idea can certainly be realized. Even if the idea is bad, it’s more because they are lazy and stuck comfort zone. Not dare to bring up ideas to boost productivity warpage.

Or even they did not dare, just a cool idea to apply this to their big boss (company owner / director). If so, please forward this article to every big boss in your office working.

Immediately realize the idea to make your gadget as a powerful productivity tool.

Never again use BB coolest new series just for the fuel’s only.
That’s really primitive, my friends.

Inspired from post of  Yodhia Antariksa, msc in hr management.

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Because of You

Just not only me, but everyone around me
Because of you I will not make the same mistakes that you did
I will not let myself
Cause my heart so much misery
I will not break the way you did,
You fell so hard
I’ve learned the hard way
To never let it get that far

Because of you
I never stray too far from the sidewalk
Because of you
I learned to play on the safe side so I don’t get hurt
Because of you
I find it hard to try
I am afraid


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That song show us about deep love.

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